Thursday, 22 April 2021

C14 Kawasaki Concours Maintenance Items

C14 Concours Maintenance Items:

Spark Plugs: NGK CR9EIA-9

Amazon is getting brutally expensive!  $24 for a sparkplug!

Fortnine is at $16 - save yourself a pile of $ if you're in Canada and use Fortnine!  (Free shipping over $49 so the Amazon Prime shipping trap doesn't apply)

Air Cleaner Removal How-To:

Air Filter:

Kawasaki Part # 11013-0014
K&N # KA-1406

Now that I know where to look, yep, it's in there.  The existing one might be the original (the bike only has 30k on it).  It's dirty and a paper filter one so a K&N is on the way.

Engine Oil:

Engine Oil:Type: API SG, SH, SJ, SL or SM with JASO MA, MA1 or MA2
Viscosity: SAE 10W-40
Capacity 4.7 L (5.0 US qt)
Coolant Capacity 3.4 L (3.6 US qt)

Oil Filter:


Final Drive Oil:

Parts ordered from Fortnine after Amazon ended up racking up a bill that was almost twice as much!  Don't fall for the habitual Amazon ordering that you've developed during the pandemic.  It looks like Amazon sellers have been slowly raising prices to the point that they aren't even close to representative of what the market is offering.  In some cases their prices are even higher than dealers!

I would have gone with Royal Distributing but they seem to be having trouble with stock and didn't have most of these parts on hand, whereas FortNine did.

$315 isn't cheap but this is everything I need to 'zero' the maintenance schedule so I know what went in and when.  Based on what I'm seeing in the bike (spider nexts and cobwebs everywhere) this bike has been sitting for a long time without any regular maintenance.

The former owner was anxious about a coolant leak but I'm not seeing anything.  The reservoir was low but the bike did get tipped over so it might have lost some fluid then.  No leaks I can find.  Same with the clutch and brakes.  Fluid in both reservoirs was a bit low, but no evidence of any leaks, so I topped everything up and I'll keep an eye on things.

I also found the Candy Neptune Blue Kawasaki correct paint for the 2010 Concours from ColorRite. The beautiful, deep blue paint on the Concours C14 requires a base before putting the blue on top and then a clear coat to match the existing finish.  The marks on the bike aren't particularly noticeable but this should cure them almost completely.

If you're looking for a 2010 on 'latest' model C14 manual, this'll work: