Saturday, 30 January 2021

Triumph Tiger 955i Old Rubbers

 Perished rubbers on old bikes can be a headache.  If you've got an old 955i Tiger and are looking for rubber bits, here are the Triumph part numbers you need.  I'm going through Inglis Cycle in Ontario.  They've got their act together during the pandemic and their prices are pretty much the same as the volume 'discount' online stores without the border crossing extra cost, wait and headaches.  The red is Canadian prices confirmed and available (I'm still building the order):
Another way to tackle this with older parts starting to become discontinued is the 3d printing route.  Here's a link to others doing just that: parts:
People have been busy:
(I'm actually missing one of those)
Rubber cap for rear brake wiring cap:

The rubber hoses on the vacuum idle system can get hard in the heat too.  Here are those part numbers:

Evap Control Hoses (vacuum idle control on the throttle bodies)
T1242502 | Tube x1
T1242501 | Tube x2
T1242015 | Hose kit (includes all 3?)

The parts diagram isn't very accurate with what those hoses look like, which is like this:

I ended up modifying some fuel lines when I had doubts about those old vacuum hoses leaking, which look like this:
It worked ok last summer and helped solve my failure to idle/stalling situation, but if I can get new stock items I'll switch back.