Sunday 22 November 2020

Triumph Tiger 955i Winter Maintenance List

2003 Triumph Tiger 955i winter maintenance list

Chassis Maintenance

Swingarm remove and check/lubricate, replace bearings if necessary.

That's a tricky job because removing the bearing destroys them, so if things get that far along I need to make sure I can get new needle bearings... and a press?

Parts List (that I hope I don't need)

  • Triumph BEARING NEEDLE 2526 Part # T3800014
  • Triumph SEAL, SD 25 32 04 Part # T3600170
  • Triumph SPINDLE, SWINGARM Part # T2056007
  • Parts List

Front fork oil change and refresh.
Steering hub check, clean, replace if necessary

  • Forks & hub parts list
  • Triumph FORK SEAL Part # T2040283
  • Triumph 'O' RING Part # 2040081-T0301
  • Triumph GAITOR,FORK Part # T2040288

Part # T1240891
Fuel System Maintenance

  • clean fuel injectors?
  • how to do that except the first comment is not to backflush a fuel injector as they almost never go bad and this can wreck them
  • Royal Purple FI PEA Cleaner
  • I think I'm going to go with the SeaFoam I've been using if they aren't showing any signs of leaking
  • Motion Pro makes a clamp that lets you force cleaner through injectors, but it's expensive (for a clamp) and I'm not sure it's necessary
  • Another FI cleaning how to
  • And another is removing and cleaning injectors necessary?  Evidently
  • I think I'm going to draw some PEA cleaner through with a vacuum pump and let it soak rather than trying to pressure force cleaner through the system
  • I balanced the injectors in the spring with an FI vacuum/mercury system, but I'm going to try it again using the TUNEboy diagnostic system I've got.

LED Indicator Light Upgrade

  • replace existing LEDs with heavy metal update
  • got the parts in
  • kept the original flasher relay so if these aren't LED they'll still work
  • put LEDs on it aside

Tire Change

Brake Fluid Flush And Fill

  • Read the BIKE article on braided brake lines
  • done this before on the Concours
  • Tiger needs new fluid anyway (3 yrs since last flush)
  • Get DOT4 fluid
  • replace lines with DISCO HEL lines


Touch up work on body panels (I have Lucifer Orange touch up paint)