Saturday 8 August 2015

The Ride To Indy: A Day At The Track

I'm in an entirely dodgy hotel by the Detroit airport after a long day in the saddle.  Indy was fantastic.  The weather has been epic and the Concours has been faultless.  I've only got the phone pics at the moment.  The camera pics will have to wait until I'm home and can get them off the camera, they look pretty sharp.

I wish we has more time to spend at the track, but it was a great reconnaissance trip.  I'll be spending more time down there next year (please don't cancel IndyGP Dorna!).

In the meantime, with some phone-made media maybe I can convince you to take your bike down to Indy for the MotoGP, it's a special motorbiking experience.

We got there early and were directed to the back gate and onto the back straight of the oval- all bikes who showed up
were parked on the straight!  - I gave her the beans going down the straight, there is nothing like hearing your own bike's
engine howling off the concrete retaining walls of the Indianapolis oval!

Sitting on the main straight watching Moto3 doing their first practice. The little 250cc thumpers are astonishingly loud!

When we came back at about 3:30pm there were hundreds and hundreds of bikes!

Yep, still Indy - there is a golf course in the middle of the oval!  Those people on the berm are watching MotoGP
racers dicing with the s-bends on the road circuit.