Wednesday 23 July 2014

Intercepting Possibilities

I just came across some dream project bikes.  There are a pile of '80s Honda Interceptors online this week, and an interesting little VT500.

Low mileage but not in working condition, just what I need to break down and rebuild!

Asking only $400, but it's a hike out the other side of Toronto.

For $700 there is a higher mileage but better cared for Interceptor just up in Angus that comes with all the shop manuals.

Or I can drop $700 on bits and pieces in Kitchener and put an Interceptor back together again, because dude took it apart and now has a garage full of unspecified parts.  Brilliant.  Seven hundred bucks might be a bit much to clean out his garage, though it's close by and it'd be easy to go pick up.  Might be a good choice further down the road, but not for a first project bike.

Another possibility is the Honda VT500.  This air cooled beauty is in great shape and would be a fantastic starting point for a cafe racer build.  It's been well taken care of and I could probably ride it home from out Brockville way.

Lots of possibilities on Kijiji this month...