Sunday 19 December 2021

Happiness is: Mastery!

 Sometimes the on-bike cameras in MotoGP capture a magic moment.  In this case it's Sam Lowes knocking out a fastest lap in free practice before qualifying at the Doha GP in the spring of 2021.

Sam Lowes putting in a fastest lap at the Doha GP in the spring of 2021

Doing something difficult that you love well is one of the foundational ideas behind my own motorcycling.  The glint in Sam's eye there as he blasts down the straight approaching 300kms/hr is magical.  You don't get that kind of intensity when you're being leisurely, it only happens when you're using all of yourself to do something difficult well.

Wayne Gretzky's dad replied to a reporter who described Wayne as a natural by saying that
he wasn't a natural at all - what Wayne Gretzky did was be out every day, stick in hand,
playing hockey more than anyone else: his mastery was hard earned but based on his
love of the game.  You can see that love in the glint in Sam's eye!