Sunday, 24 November 2019

'98 Fireblade Winter Project: Wiring & Petcocks

With the carbs sorted I'm chasing down anything else that could have caused the fuel leak into the engine on the Fireblade.  Yesterday I had the petcock out of the gas tank again and tested it over a catch basin.  Fuel flows fine when it's on, but it continues to drip when it's supposed to be closed, so a new petcock is in order.  Fortunately they seem to be a regularly replaced maintenance item because you can buy them on Amazon for not much money.

The neutral light wasn't working, so I got some LED replacements - they're super bright.  The wiring to the neutral sensor was stripped down by the drive sprocket, so I cleaned it up, reattached it and taped it up.  Voila, working neutral light again.

There were also a set of wires coming out of the drive sprocket housing that look like they go to a speed sensor which were resting on the exhaust pipe and had melted.  These too got sorted and re-wrapped.  I'm also going to fasten that loom so that it can't touch the exhaust again.

There are still lots of little details to sort, but the Honda is coming together nicely.  I'll aim to have it safetied in the spring and then run it for a few months and see if having a second bike in the garage is worth hanging on to, or it might just be sold on to fund the next project.  In the meantime, I'm looking forward to running my first true sport bike.