Saturday 19 October 2019

Motorcycle Lift Table Instructions

A friend and colleague retired but kindly left his DIY motorcycle stand with me when he moved to the West Coast.  Here's the construction of it back in 2016:

HERE are the plans he worked from in PDF format.  Now that I've got the plans I can find a properly spec'd lift to use on it.  My old lift is leaky and over two decades old, so the replacement will work the motorcycle lift as well as the odd car tire change.

Currently it's home to the Honda Fireblade project:

The garage is a nice place to work (though small) for 10 months of the year, but during Ontario's deep freeze in January/February, as outdoor temperatures often dip to -30°C and beyond, the cold emanating, even through the rubber lined floor, makes it torturous.  Even with a propane heater running, working on the floor isn't any fun for my fifty year old bones.  The stand, even when lowered, has been nice to work on.  Now that I've got access to the specs, I can source the right kind of hydraulic lift and have everything at an even more ergonomic height.