Thursday, 19 November 2015

Stolen November Days

I'm stealing a lot of extra scenes in a November that doesn't usually encourage riding up here in the frozen north...

The end is nigh

Last year the bike was hibernating by the end of October.  This year we're getting a run of warm weather that has me still out on two wheels more than halfway through November.  We're supposed to get snow accumulation this weekend, which means sand and salt on the roads.  When that happens I'll hang up my helmet.  I'd end up spending as much time cleaning the bike as I did riding it once the salt goes down.

First ride on a newly safetied and
roadworthy Concours last March

This season started in mid-March once the roads were dry and the salt and sand cleaned off by a couple of rains.  The snow as still thick on the shoulders though.  This late finish to the year means only about four months of down time before I can get out there again.

Today I'm down to Guelph for periodontal work.  I figured I'd be stuck in a car, but it's a dozen degrees and partially sunny out there!  One last ride then!

In the meantime, we've been commuting on two wheels every change we get...