Monday 13 July 2015

The Ready Launch™

A momentum driven motorcycle turntable.
We pulled in to the garage yesterday and I wished for this: The Ready Launch™.  Backing the Concours out of a single car garage and around parked vehicles can be onerous, and as we rode right in and the door closed behind us it reminded me of the Bat Cave.  When Batman does it he drives the Batmobile in and it rotates for a quick getaway; I want that.

When you pull in to your garage and brake on The Ready Launch™, it transfers the forward braking momentum of the bike into a mechanical system that produces a slow, rotating motion spinning through 180° before locking again.

With some calibration and gearing it should be no trouble to capture all the momentum of a stopping motorcycle and pour it into the rotating platform.  It would be a zero energy system, reliant on the bike pulling on to it and stopping to produce the energy needed to spin, and it doesn't need to spin quickly or far.  After a few test stops a rider would know how hard to pull the brakes to produce the energy needed for the 180° turn.
The braking mass of the bike is applied to the piston, which then turns the gears to make the platform rotate.
The rack being pulled is where the bike parks, spinning up a flywheel that rather than lifting a weight transfers to a rotational plane under the platform.  With proper gearing the heavy platform slowly rotates using the short but heavy stopping momentum of the bike.