Thursday 4 June 2015

I like 'em rough and ready

The Concours, not nearly so precious
with its kintsugi gold filled cracks...
Another idyllic night ride home this evening.  On the way in I saw an older Honda on the side of the road with a for-sale sign on it, so I made a point of stopping on the way home in the dark to have a look.

It's a 1974 Honda XL175.  It looks like the owner is asking almost two thousand dollars for it, which seems a bit precious.  I suppose this is officially a classic now, and with nostalgic Boomers wrestling with Hipsters to snap them up, a couple of grand may very well be possible.  It has less than three thousand miles on it and looks like it's been well loved.  

I think I'll save my money for something a bit less 'just so'.  I'm not interested in getting a dual sport bike so I can rub it with a diaper.  Having said that, Mars Orange sure is a striking colour!

For a 1974 (41 year old!) motorbike, it's obviously led a charmed life.
If you're suddenly in love, you can find it here