Wednesday 8 April 2015

Space Limitations

At 12x20ft, I'm feeling the pinch...
I wish I had a bigger bike cave.  With only a one car garage I'm having to pick and choose my next steps.  In a perfect world I'd have room for active bikes and a workshop at the back with longer term projects on the go.

The 2 ½ car option at 24x30ft would feel cavernous by comparison to my cramped 9x20ft space, but a garage that big would mean I'd probably have to keep cars in it.  A safer bet would be an outbuilding workshop, like this Canadian made prefab kit.

They have an A style 20x30 footer for just over $12 grand.  That would be wider than my current space is long.  Instead of my meagre 180 ft², I'd have a whopping 600ft².  That kind of space would let me chase down all the loose ends I'm considering right now.

My current urges run toward a couple of dirt bikes for my son and I, a distance capable road bike and something more intimate for short blasts and track days.  While the working bikes get their occasional maintenance, I'd also like space for a project bike.

Roughly to scale, that 20x30 workshop would fit the bill nicely.