Saturday 29 March 2014

Bikes v. Cars, the one we lose

Since I started riding last year I'm smitten with motorbikes.  I like old bikes, new bikes, sport bikes, adventure bikes, bikes with sidecars, hyperbikes, scamblers, cafe racers, touring bikes, low cc bikes, big cc bikes... I dig 'em all.  The motorbike offers a unique approach to efficiency and size in personal transportation that most other vehicles can't touch.  I'm not a big fan of choppers or Harley type cruisers, but I get the appeal.  One I don't get though is the CanAm Spyder.

A thirty-four thousand dollar tricycle?  I'd be sorely tempted to pocket five grand and buy a Mazda Miata.  The Mazda is cheaper, gets better gas mileage, corners better and goes significantly faster all while keeping you dry and carrying way more stuff.  It's not like the Miata is a slouch on the road either, it'll put a smile on your face in the curves.  The Mazda not only gets the wind in your face but in your hair too (you don't need a helmet).

One of the reasons I'm so fixated on bikes is that they outperform the most engaging experiences I've had driving cars.  As a sensory experience and a source of efficiency and power bikes take some beating, except in this case.  I don't mind trading some safety for that kind immersive, complex experience.  When it comes to Miatas and Spyders though the calculus clearly points to the four wheeler.