Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Honda Getaway

Asking $5577+GST.
I'd offer six grand all in.
It barely has 1000kms on it.
A comfortable fit on a small bike,
even for a big guy like me.
This lovely little Honda CB500x popped up on Kijiij.  As an icestorm approaches I'm dreaming of being elsewhere, as I often do during the off-season.

Two grand looks like it'll get the bike air freighted from Toronto to Ecuador.  The South American tour would take me south down the Andes and then finally to Ushuaia before working my way up the Atlantic side to Rio de Janeiro.

Just over 16,000 kms - a nice 3 month jaunt.
By the time I worked my way back up to Rio on the little Honda, it would have done tens of thousands of kilometres across some pretty rough terrain on not the greatest gas.  I'm sure I could find a happy rider in Rio to hand it off to.

Averaging 250kms per day, it's a 60 day trek.  With some wiggle room, this would be a nice three month jaunt, mid-February to mid-May.  The MotoGP circus passes through Argentina in April, so that'd be a nice thing to be able to ride to as well.