Sunday 19 July 2015

The Seat of my Pants

It's a piece of art, but I can't justify spending over $500cdn on
a seat for a bike that cost $800.
Nice eh?  That's the dream seat for the Concours.  The old one has split and is so tired it's about as comfortable as a park bench.  This Corbin seat is the four hundred dollar (US) answer to that question.

The Corbin Seat Configurator is fun to play with even if you can't justify the cost.  You can create some really disco designs.  It lets you select variations in pattern, colour and material for the seat, sides, welt and stitching.  If you like motorbike seats you'll be distracted by this for hours.

I wish I could swing that Corbin seat but I just can't justify a $500 seat on an $800 motorcycle, though I wish I could.

It ain't no Corbin super model, but it'll do the job
A more sensible alternative was found on ebay.  This seat cover would replace the tired old one.  It also comes with padding built in which should shore up the tired seat - though once I've taken it apart I might just replace the padding anyway.

The maker is a retired automotive upholster who runs an ebay store with good ratings where he makes custom seats for a wide variety of bikes.   At less than forty bucks Canadian (though the shipping doubles the price), this will (hopefully) resolve the seat cover and comfort issues for under $100 Canadian.

I've already done a half assed job sewing up the old seat (it's impossible to do properly without taking the cover off because the stitching is all on the inside).  When the new cover comes in I should be able to stretch it on in no time.

I still wish I could've managed that Corbin though, it's a piece of art.  Maybe next time.