Thursday 27 March 2014

Mechanical Sympathy

At the end of a twisty road, deep in the hills, the shop of my dreams...
courtesy of, it's easy to play with, give it a whirl!
Since doing bodywork on my first bike, I've remembered how much I enjoy doing it.  The new shop will be a working paint shop with a booth and an oven capable of power coating parts.


Open faced paint booth:

Price:  $2599

PAASCHE HSSB-30-16 30" Paint Spray booth

Price: $525


DSA800SE-GL2 30L (8gal) 1600W dual 20/40KHz Ultrasonic parts cleaner

20 Gallon Heavy Duty  solvent parts cleaner


Anderson Motorcycle Stand

Industrial Air

60 Gallon Electric Air Compressor
24x27in footprint

accessories (hoses, connectors)

High Volume Low Pressure paint gun

California Air Tools SP-324 HVLP paint gun

Lincoln Electric Handy Mig Welder Kit

Lincoln Electric Cutwelder

$330+tanks $300

It's a work in progress.  Wouldn't this be a nice thing to retire into?