Wednesday 6 November 2013

Bike Hole

No room for a car, but a bike...
A long Canadian winter approaches.  Rather than look longingly out into an unusable, uninsulated garage full of junk I'm getting my home reno on and finishing it.

It's supposed to be a single car garage, but with the vent system intrusions and everything else in there I couldn't even fit a Mazda2 into it.  It's turned into more of a shed than a garage.

Since getting the Ninja I've been working on it in the garage.  It was fine over the summer, but with frost on the ground the floor is nasty cold and the wind seems to push the cold through the unfinished walls.

Unfinished, cold and messy...
Step one was to figure out how to finish it.  Rather than dry walling it like the house side of it is, I'm going with wood panels so I can mount shelves where I want them rather than only where studs are available.

It cost under $300 for the paneling, insulation, paint and hardware to do it, not bad for what will be a warm garage at the end.  I'm also going to look at some rubber garage flooring for parts of it, so that will push it over $300, but still a bargain considering I'll get a huge work space out of it.
Saturday afternoon, halfway there...

This past weekend with lows in the -4c at night, I started on it, stripping the shelving off the walls and removing the home made bench at the back.  With all of the stuff under a tarp on the driveway (in the rain), I insulated and hung the board.  

By the end of Sunday I had the three unfinished walls insulated and the board up.  The only slow down was not looking up as I moved down the wall putting up the board.  As I went up the ladder I drilled my head into the garage door hardware hanging from the ceilling.  Head wounds bleed a lot, especially when you get a jagged cut from a rough metal hanger.

I took Monday off (head hurting), and went back at it again Tuesday after work, putting on an unfinished can of primer.  I'll finish the priming this week and paint it next weekend.  Last night when I was doing the priming a single, small space heater made it comfortable in there, it was below zero outside.

The end result will be warm and finished with better lighting and twice the workbench area, more shelving and better organization, so the gardening equipment doesn't take over again.  I'm still thinking about what to put on the walls...